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Please note, Dr. Chandanos currently performs surgery and evaluates patients only in Sweden, and therefore the form is unavailable at the moment.

Here you can easily submit your past medical history from the comfortness of your own computer, like many of our patients have already done. That way, when you visit us, you will not be stressed to remember dates, drugs’ names,  doses and other details. Instead you can concentrate on your questions. We will review your medical record  before your visit, so we will have more time to think and discuss your case with you. Please note that this online submission does not replace the  clinical evaluation at the office (and therefore we need to see you!).  If you are concerned about the safety of your data, please be advised that we use the same technology as banks and e-commerce companies (128-bit SSL security). By submitting your medical record, you have no obligation towards Athens Bariatric. You may call us to book your appointment whenever you wish. The average time needed to fill in this form is just 8 minutes.

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