The Bariatric Team Athens Bariatric has the knowledge and experience to help you fight obesity with laparoscopic bariatric surgery if this treatment suits your condition. Obesity is a heavy disease. And a deadly one.  Not a lack of character. The decision to fight it with a surgical procedure is probably one of the most courageous one could ever take. Obesity is more dangerous than the surgery. The outcomes of bariatric surgery are important and beneficial for the rest of your life: your life expectancy increases, diseases present with obesity (comorbidities) are often cured (like diabetes type II, hypertension, sleepe apnea), or controlled much better. The quality of life improves significantly. Professional and personal dreams become now life-experiences.

Get informed before you take the decision of your life.

If you come from outside Greece and you wish to have surgery with us, we can help you with all the necessary practical arrangements. We speak English and Swedish fluently. Our office is located in one of the most well known Avenues in Athens, next to a five stars hotel, across a park (ideal for relaxed walks after your surgery). Just check with the Greek Consulate if you need a visa. Make sure you take with you an Athens tourist guide for all the things there are to see here.

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Obesity is a disease with epidemic dimensions. It affects men and women of all ages, all races, all over the world. It is estimated that more than 2,5 million deaths worldwide are due to obesity. Much fewer deaths occur from terrorist attacks, wars, homicides and suicides altogether (1,6 million). It is time to understand the problem and take action!

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Bariatric surgery is safe and has changed the lives of millions of people worldwide!

The Bariatric Team Athens Bariatric, has been trained and worked for years in some of the most prestigious Universities and Hospitals in Europe and the United States.

Trust your health on us!


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